A New Economy 2016

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Plot: About people making a fresh start towards building a new economy. Watch as several organizations move towards a more cooperative future by experimenting with open and non-traditional business models. By rewarding human effort fairly and proportionately instead of obsessing about the bottom line, these revolutionary businesses are creating a more people-friendly future, creating new ways to make money and make it sustainably. A New Economy features seven interwoven stories. Among them are a small craft-brew coop, a peer-to-peer open hardware lab and an urban agricultural social enterprise: London Brewing Co-op follows five guys who love beer as they jump-start a tasty craft-brew cooperative within a local sustainable food ecosystem in London, Ontario. While they face the challenges of starting a new business and learning to work together democratically, several members are also starting new families while the group wrestles with the day-to-day struggles of growing the enterprise to a …

Genre: Documentary
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 From 49 Users
Directed by: Trevor Meier
Starring: Michael Ableman , Sabina Ali , Gar Alperovitz , Tiberius Brastaviceanu

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Genre: Movies

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